Dr. Troy Dreiling Interview: Chiropractic Helps Sciatica – Case Study

Dr. Troy Dreiling was interviewed by Ron’s Amazing Stories Podcast earlier this year. The transcription and audio link are below.

Interview Begins at 4:07 mark.

We are here with Dr. Troy and he is going to tell you all about me and all about his background.

Ron: Dr. Troy you started out in chiropractic stuff when you were 11 years old

Dr. Troy: 11 years old, yup.

Ron: How is that possible?

Dr. Troy: Well, I was riding a three wheeler and I got injured. I fell off the back of it and it knocked the wind out of me and the next day I couldn’t stand up. My grandmother’s neighbor said, “hey, you’re gonna go to this chiropractor.” So I went to this chiropractor and he did his chiropractic thing and I was able to walk.

I never really thought about chiropractic until I was sixteen. I hurt my shoulder playing football and another good friend of mine said, “hey, you should try my chiropractor”, so I went to this other chiropractor and he fixed my shoulder.

My grandfather asked me, “what are you going to grow up to be?” I told him I didn’t know, asked him what I should do. He said, “you should be a pharmacist.” So I went to Oregon State University and I always say thank God for out of state tuition, I didn’t enroll in pharmacy school. I went, I am going to be a physical therapist because really, I thought that’s what chiropractic was. I was wrong.

I went to Eastern Washington University to go to physical therapy school. I was bodybuilding at the time, very competitively, injured my low back again at 18 years old, 19 years old. So I went to a chiropractor in Cheney and I’m laying there and he asks me “what are you gonna be?”. I told him I was going to be a physical therapist and I remember he read me the riot act and explained why I shouldn’t be a physical therapist, why I should be a chiropractor.

From that day forward I pretty much switched my major to chiropractic and that’s what got me into this thing. But, the really crazy part about chiropractic was when I was in school all through junior high, high school, college I had really really bad allergies. I started getting adjusted in chiropractic school, regularly, not when my shoulder hurt or when my back hurt or when I couldn’t walk; I just said I was going to start going in for health maintenance and just check this thing out.

So, I did and after about three months of getting adjusted every single week my allergy problem that I had for over a decade went away.

Ron: Wow!

Dr Troy: So I said, there’s something to this thing called chiropractic. So, that’s what got me into it.

Ron: How long have you been doing this?

Dr. Troy: 22 years

Ron: 22 years, I bet you have some stories.

Dr. Troy: I got lots of stories, yeah.

Ron: Do you have one in your mind that just absolutely stands out as, this is the story that represents.

Dr. Troy: There are so many stories but one of the biggest things was this lady who had Bell’s palsy, facial paralysis, it looked like she had a stroke. So I started doing upper cervical chiropractic work on her; Jim McMahon, the Chicago Bears quarterback, he started getting upper cervical care and he said it felt like the toilet bowl flushed in his head. I’ve got an MRI on my website the before and after of the swelling of the brain and then after he got adjusted.

So this lady came on, Bell’s palsy and she’s been a patient of mine for 7 or 8 years, she went to the neurologist and he said BEll’s palsy. I told her to let me take an x-ray, which I did of the upper cervical the Atlas and I started adjusting her. With the first adjustment there was a 50% reduction, second adjustment and 80% reduction, the 3rd adjustment 100% complete resolution.

You wouldn’t ever think, oh I am going to go to a chiropractor but when you understand the central nerve system runs it all and that the bones are just protecting those nerves but if there’s traumas; like with you all the sitting, all the repetitive traumas it creates the inflammation response which can then lead to degeneration then the nerves become altered and you lose function.

It’s just a whole degenerative process that chiropractic can intervene with and do some amazing things.

Ron: That brings up a great thing. The listeners already heard my story from my perspective. Can you tell my story from your perspective.

Dr. Troy: Yeah, absolutely. You’re classic, somebody who is sitting a lot, driving a lot and maybe have not been taught how to take care of your spine. To do things to help bring health to your spinal system. People come in with acute pain, like you, I mean you had your cane you were walking sideways, I see it alot. The biggest thing for me with those people is to let them know, hey you’re on the right path it’s just going to take some time.

I mean I recently just had an episode where I was lifting my daughter and I flared up my back almost as bad as you I just didn’t have a cane so I was just hobbling around. I went to this chiropractor friend of mine and he had me take an MRI, he’s anti surgery because he does decompression so he started working with me. I was like, man when’s this going to go away and it was about 90 days and then I was like, okay I am good now. So that’s the biggest thing is to let people know that you are on the right path and chiropractic can help. It’s just going to take some time and repetition. That’s the hardest thing to get people to understand because we all want it right now.

Ron: It was interesting when I came in. I remember I pulled into the parking lot and all of the spots in front of the office were filled, every one of them. I had to park on the other side and i was thinking, do I really want to get out of the car and walk in there. That’s how bad I was and I will admit, I was hoping for miracles that I was going to walk out of there that day pain free and everything was going to be great and that I was going to be back to normal and that’s not what happens.

Dr. Troy: It happens sometimes but most of the times it’s going to take the repetition because you have the inflammation around the joints and the nerves and that just takes time to get rid of. Just like when you sprain an ankle, it doesn’t go away overnight. You break a bone, it doesn’t heal overnight.

You’re like the classic great patient, you follow the recommendations. That’s really what it takes. It’s like, here’s the game plan, you lay it down now execute and you get better.

Ron: You know, in those first few days I was thinking, this isn’t working, this is not working. I would hobble in and i would twist around but then I noticed, hey wait a minute my neck doesn’t give me problems. Then slowly by slowly I was standing up and it got easier and easier to stand up and now it’s been what three weeks?

Dr. Troy: 4 weeks, we just finished your first progress check up. Pretty amazing change. You’ve also noticed your tinnitus

Ron: My tinnitus! I wasn’t even thinking about that. I have had that since my head banging days when I was a teenager and that is kind of where I thought I had permanently damage my ears, but I had noticed a remarkable decrease in my tinnitus. I asked you, is that even possible? How is that possible that it helped my tinnitus?

Dr. Troy: Here’s the cool thing and it will help you understand, the very first chiropractic adjustment D.D. Palmer adjust this African American janitor who’s name was Harvey Lillard. He came in and say hey I’m deaf and D.D. was a magnetic healer, so he found in his neck that he had a bone out of alignment. He made an adjustment to that and it restored his hearing.

Ron: Woah!
Dr. Troy: That’s how chiropractic got started. So, the neurology in the upper neck controls the inner ear. I see this a lot in car accidents, they will have ringing in their ears and they will be dizzy. You start adjusting them and it clears it up. That communication pathway gets opened up and then the body functions normally again.

Ron: You know, another thing that I had noticed is, prior to, my energy level was just non existent. Hence, like I have told the listeners, I didn’t feel like doing interviews. I got the show up but I was just thinking, ugh, I got to get the show out. Now, it’s just completely different. I feel energized. I’m not just saying this (laughs) I haven’t felt this energized in a long time. I attribute it, I mean there’s nothing else to attribute it to other than getting adjusted.

Dr. Troy: Well, you have 313 spinal joints and they all have receptors that tell your brain where those joints are and whether they are moving or not. So, when the joints don’t move part of your brain literally atrophies. So, you lose brain function, so when you get the spine moving it actually energizes the nerve system. There is a lot of research on that.

Balance, you see a lot of that in seniors, people that fall a lot, their spine is not moving properly and so they lose communication.

Two of the biggest thing I will see with new patients when they start getting adjusted. One, they sleep better and two they get more energy. Those are the two biggest things. If I ever see someone that is not sleeping good I go yup, or if they have low energy, I’m like yup nokay you are on the right path.

Ron: I am going to ask what I think is going to be a simple question. You wake up, you find yourself in pain the doctor says you need surgery, you don’t want to go that route. The problem with surgery from my research is, it isn’t so much the surgery it’s the aftermath of having to go through physical therapy basically learning how to walk again and do all of the things that you have done before.

Chiropractic kind of avoids all of that. What should a person do, they wake up and they are constantly in pain.

Dr. Troy: I would definitely tell them to check out chiropractic first. Scott Mendelson who is a medical doctor wrote a book he said, “anybody who does surgery before chiropractic should have their head examined.”

So, I always tell people who are in pain, hey if it’s not going to work you can always do the surgery. I have a book that says 97% of back surgeries fail; within 5 years. So that means they are going back for number two.

I’ve seen a lot of cases that could have gone down the surgical route and through chiropractic you save them. I have even seen people who have had surgeries in their spine start getting adjusted and they do way better.

Ron: I’ve told the listeners how I found you. Your practice is unique. I have been to chiropractors before I went to one after a car accident in about 2006 and they restored me too by the way; but, your parctice is unique it has this feel to it like you make the person want to come in and do these exercises. I don’t like this term but it is almost like a gym environment.

Dr. Troy: Yeah, you mentioned that to me the other day. I mean I grew up in the gym, working out and i have a gym at home. To me to make physiological changes in the body it kind of has to be a gym atmosphere you know.

I have been to chiropractic clinics where they are very sterile, non exciting. I mean somebody is in a lot of pain but I have a lot of people that come back to see me when they are not in pain. They want to come back to maintain their health through chiropractic.

Ron: I am not saying this other chiropractor wasn’t good but that’s exactly what you said. I sat in the waiting room twiddling my thumbs, he would call me in twist me around a bit tell me what I was to do at home, never showed me what to do just said this is what I want you to do and of course I did it and recovered but you do so much more than that.

You have people here to show them how to use the equipment how to spend the time and learn these exercises, they will help. You offer all of the things that you could possibly need to make it better and you have a hydro bed (laughs) which is absolutely fantastic!

Dr. Troy: (Laughs) I call that a dry jacuzzi bed.

Ron: That thing, I could sleep on that thing. Anyway, it’s a wonderful environment here and I have never seen anything like it and I appreciate it so much because it fits who I am.

Dr. Troy: Right and I appreciate that.

Ron: I just love it and I just want the listener to know, if you’re in Vancouver come here! Zenaptic Chiropractic. I have to say it’s a pleasure to be here talking with you today. I have loved every minute of it. To hear my story told through your perspective is pretty cool.

Dr. Troy: Good job on making success and I’m happy to help spread the word.

Ron: I mean I can actually walk folks. I can get up and walk, pain free.

Dr. Troy: I am still trying to get you to give me that cain so I can put it on my wall.

Ron: You know what, it’s not even here, it’s not even in the car today.

Dr. Troy: Right on!

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