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Below is an interview conducted 06/19/15 by Dr. Troy Dreiling on the Absolute Life Radio Show with Dr. Troy Dreiling of Zenaptic Chiropractic and Dr. Fred Schofield.

You’ll hear how a whole food supplement called Wuji Chlorella also known as “the little green miracle” can help change your life dramatically.

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What you’re about to hear today may dramatically reduce arthritis pain, joint inflammation, improve digestion, reverse blood sugar challenges and boost your energy. Stay Tuned

Today’s health with Dr. Troy of Zenaptic Chiropractic in Vancouver, Washington. Now here is my dad, Dr. Troy.

Dr. Troy: Welcome, I’m Dr. Troy Dreiling of Zenaptic Chiropractic. I’ve been in practice for over 21 years helping our community get well and stay well.

What you’re about to hear today may dramatically reduce arthritis pain, joint inflammation, improve digestion, reverse blood sugar challenges and boost your energy. If that sounds good to you, stay tuned.

The product we are going to be talking about has helped 1000’s of people improve their hip and knee pain, shoulder and arthritis pain, and digestive and energy issues.

Multiple people I meet are taking multiple pain relievers daily, cheap and non-whole food vitamins, and suffering from fatigue, sleep issues, and arthritis pain.

I am going to share with you a safe, very simple and effective solution to these issues. Some would even call it “the little green miracle”. It possesses the key to natural detoxification, energy restoration, natural anti-inflammatory and MEGA immune system building benefits. It is a whole food. It grows in water and sunlight, two of the most power elements that GOD put on this planet.

Our special guest today, he is going to tell you what he has learned after 32 years of study in the arena of natural health and holistic healing. He has traveled all over the world and is highly sought after to speak and teach at doctors’ conferences and healing universities. He is regarded as one of the leading authorities in health and vitalism today.

I want to introduce you to my good friend, Dr. Schofield. He was born in Cape Town, South Africa and graduated at Palmer Chiropractic College in 1981. He has been in practice for over 34 years, with him and his wife Susan. She holds a degree in pharmacy and they’ve been studying and using natural food supplements to help thousands of patients and doctors improve their health and well-being.

He has a personal story to tell you, and is dedicated to helping you and our families, and our loved ones and our world to be a better place. So, Dr. Fred, I want to welcome you to our show today.

Dr. Fred: Well, thank you, Dr. Troy.

Dr. Troy: I’m so glad that you took time today to speak to our audience. You have a story to tell on this whole food supplement that we want to bring to people’s attentions today. So, let’s hear your story on Chlorella and how it has helped you.

Dr. Fred: It’s fantastic. I would say it saved my life. I was raised in South Africa and my father was a medical doctor. I suffered from back pain from when I was 14. For 9 years, they couldn’t figure out what my problem was.

When I was a little one, before I had back pain, and I didn’t have it all of the time. It wasn’t like there was some issue like this. It came and it went. I couldn’t understand why it would come and then go. Until years later, I looked into a doctor who was lecturing in Las Vegas.

He was lecturing on Chlorella. I went, “What is this? How come I’ve never heard of this?” I figured out by then, now I’m 30 years old and it still comes and goes. I figured out it has to do with my gastrointestinal system, because when my bowels move, that was awesome. (laughing) When the bowels didn’t move, it increased that pressure. That pressure created that debilitating back pain. I asked him, “What is this?” Now, he was a world authority, Dr. Bernard Jensen.

Dr. Troy: Yes.

Dr. Fred: A world authority on nutrition, in fact, he the founder of nutrition in America, one of the founders.

Dr. Troy: Yeah.

Dr. Fred: He said, you get on this and it will change your life. My goodness, Dr. Troy, it changed my life! I used to be a professional Rugby player. My knee pain went away. Oh my goodness, do you know what it’s like to have an achy knee pain and you work all day and I stand most of the day and my knee pain has gone away.

I used to have terrible, I sprained my ankles, I don’t know how many times, as a kid. And suddenly, my ligaments are getting stronger. I am not spraining my ankle. That’s incredible.

Dr. Troy: That is incredible.

Dr. Fred: Waking up in the morning, I did Chlorella first thing in the morning. That’s the first thing I did. And I have these amazing bowel movements, (laughing), that detoxify my colon.

Dr. Troy: Yes. Yes.

Dr. Fred: There’s a few things, I call it a miracle. It’s a miracle food. It’s a superfood. Do people know what a superfood is?

Dr. Troy: Yes.

Dr. Fred: It detoxifies you at the cellular level. It has a huge chlorophyll molecule in it. And I can tell you, after practicing for 34 years, Dr. Troy, my patients do not eat as many greens as they should.

Dr. Troy: Yes, exactly.

Dr. Fred: The bowel issues, the kidney issues, liver issues. That all comes because they don’t have enough chlorophyll in their systems. You know, chlorophyll to the body is the same as a green to a plant. It is green. In the beginning, I thought, if people change their diets, well, no, no they don’t. They didn’t come to me to change their diets, they came to me because they are in pain.

Dr. Troy: Yes, exactly.

Dr. Fred: They are suffering. I fractured my right clavicle three times. I just thought ok it’s just aging. You know what, Dr. Troy, I am 60 years old, I have no symptoms at all, I’ve never been on medication and I am healthier today than I’ve ever been and I can tell you right now and your listeners, that is because of WUJI Chlorella.

Does it work? Yes, it works. I’ve seen thousands of patients and they swear by Chlorella. My constipation went away. My achy joints went away. I could have a bowel movement, (crying), you know, Dr. Troy, I would go 7 days without a bowel movement.

Dr. Troy: Wow, that’s way too long.

Dr. Fred: I don’t know if you’ve ever been constipated, but I don’t wish that on my worst enemy.

Dr. Troy: No.

Dr. Fred: Now, Chlorella is interesting because it is 35 times as more chlorophyll as alfalfa. 35 times more than alfalfa.

Dr. Troy: Yes, it’s powerful that way.

Dr. Fred: What do cows eat? Alfalfa. The protein content of Chlorella is over to 30% of its weight. The digestibility, here’s the key, of Chlorella 80%, Dr. Troy. Experiments have shown that Chlorella strengthens the immune system. And where is the immune system? Most of my patients don’t know. I ask them, “Where is your immune system?” They don’t know.

Dr. Troy: No.

Dr. Fred: Well, it’s in the gut. We know that. It’s in the gut. And what stimulates the gut? Chlorella stimulates the gut.

Dr. Troy: Yes.

Dr. Fred: And it strengthens your immune system. It eliminates toxicity. Is toxicity a big problem today?

Dr. Troy: Huge problem.

Dr. Fred: Huge problem. Heavy metals.

Dr. Troy: Huge.

Dr. Fred: Cholesterol.

Dr. Troy: It’s rampant.

Dr. Fred: It reduces cholesterol.

Dr. Troy: Hmm-hmmm

Dr. Fred: It stimulates bowel activity. Blood pressure, it reduces blood pressure. My goodness, it detoxifies you. Suddenly, you are waking up, do you know what it’s like to wake up and you feel 30 again.

Dr. Troy: (laughing) That’s an amazing feeling.

Dr. Fred: It’s unbelievable.

Dr. Troy: Yeah.

Dr. Fred: It stimulates the liver. It removes aluminum from the brain. Is that a big, is there some symptoms of that.

Dr. Troy: Yep. There is the cognitive functions, all kinds of things with people nowadays.

Dr. Fred: Look at all these concussions.

Dr. Troy: Hmm-hmmm

Dr. Fred: Aha, that’s not all just trauma. My goodness.

Dr. Troy: So some of my listeners, you know it’s amazing, I get people who call and they want to know more. They are like, it sounds to good to be true. A lot of people, as they get older, they’ve never been exposed to Chlorella.

And you said, we talked before the show and you were like, “I wake up, I don’t have arthritis pain. I don’t have hip pain. My digestion is great. My blood sugar is normal. My energy is great!” You are like the most energetic guy that I know.

I talk to doctors all the time and patients. Even these young kids, you seem to have more energy than they do. It’s amazing to me. How was this thing discovered and what happens when you take the product? Because a lot of people, they always call and ask, “How do I take the product? Where did it come from?” Can you elaborate a bit little on that to our listeners today?

Dr. Fred: Sure. Well you know it’s one of the most popular whole food supplement. It’s a food. First of all, you’ve got to realize, it’s not a supplement. It’s a food.

Dr. Troy: Yes, yes, that’s the key.

Dr. Fred: That is the key. So, you are getting green Now, green plants, we know, help build red blood cells and they can store calcium in the body. Green is the key to your bowels.

Dr. Troy: Yes.

Dr. Fred: So, it’s made over in Taiwan, I think over 80% of the global Chlorella. It’s a huge product in The Orient.

Dr. Troy: Yeah.

Dr. Fred: I tell you, it’s a food so you’ve got to be gentle with food.

Dr. Troy: Yes.

Dr. Fred: You start small with any product that anybody ever takes. You always start small and you build. You don’t just suddenly get healthy. You have to build your immune system. You have to build the “inner kingdom”, as we call it. The inner kingdom, you have to build. You have to strengthen and the green strengthens the mucus membrane of your gut.

Dr. Troy: Yes, it does.

Dr. Fred: And it keeps out, you know the gut is alive. You know, we fed our babies, we haven’t even mentioned it.

Dr. Troy: Yes.

Dr. Fred: we fed our babies Chlorella so they were pooping green. A healthy baby poops green.

Dr. Troy: Yep.

Dr. Fred: My wife, Susan, who breastfeeds the baby, she takes Chlorella and the baby poops green. That is amazing.

Dr. Troy: Yeah, the breastmilk is while and the stool is green.

Dr. Fred: Exactly. (laughing) Yes, you are building and repairing the cells. You are growing cells, repairing, restoring cells to their natural balance.

Dr. Troy: Yeah.

Dr. Fred: A byproduct of that is detoxification.

Dr. Troy: That is huge nowadays. I’m sure a lot of our listeners, they want to know how to get their hands on Chlorella.

Dr. Fred, I know you have given our listeners a special offer today and one of the things we are going to offer. We are offering three bags of Wuji Chlorella for $89, that includes the shipping. You can call our office 360-260-6903 and we will ship you out 3 bags of Chlorella for $89. It’s about a 3 month supply for the average person. If you call now, we actually have a special offer where you can up your offer for only $50 more. So you can get 6 bags, which is approximately a 6 month supply for most people. It’s $139.

So, if you want to strengthen the immune system, balance your pH, reduce arthritis pain, even these common little aches, that you think, “Oh it is normal as I get older,” you’ve got to call our office, 360-260-6903.

So that is 6 bag of this Wuji Chlorella, the little green miracle, we call it, for $139 the shipping is included. If you call now, one of the other things we are doing now, is are sending a 7 day jump start whole food smoothie cleanse. So you can put your Chlorella in this whole food smoothie and drink that as well. The energy you receive from this is amazing. The number again to order is 360-260-6903.

Susan: Hi, I am Susan. I am a nutritionalist and I use Wuji Chlorella and have for years and years and years. I raised my children on it because of the nutritional impact that it had on them. The thing that I like about the Chlorella is with traveling, it gives you all the nutrition you need. It helps you digest your food and it helps your elimination. When you travel as much as I do, that is huge. So, get on green. Green is good. Go with Wuji Chlorella.

Dr. Troy: Today, again, we are talking with Dr. Fred Schofield. He is one of the leading authorities on health and healing. I want to talk to, Dr. Fred, what are the capabilities of this product? A lot of people say, “Oh, there’s all these products.” I’ve found that a lot of the products you hear on the radio, they are not

A lot of people say, “Oh, there’s all these products.” I’ve found that a lot of the products you hear on the radio, they are not whole food. And a lot of nutritional companies actually derive their nutrients from Chlorella, even pharmaceutical companies seek after Chlorella to help manufacture their pharmaceutical drugs, from this thing we are talking about.

So, let’s talk about this capability. How have you seen this improve peoples’ health in your clinic and what is the research saying about this powerful whole food?

Dr. Fred: The pancreas, oh my goodness. Is diabetes rampant?

Dr. Troy: Huge. Huge.

Dr. Fred: My goodness. If you have children, they don’t eat healthy, they want junk food after school. You feed them a smoothie with the super food Chlorella in it. Small intestine, and then the large intestine and colon.

Dr. Troy: Yeah. Yeah.

Dr. Fred: Well, Dr. Troy, it’s a miracle, as far as I am concerned. First of all, what we do, what they call the river of enzymes, so, when we check your pH, the beautiful thing with Chlorella, it stabilizes pH.

Now your pH, there is acid and there is alkaline. You want it to be neutral. So, Chlorella stimulates the salivary glands, the liver, the stomach. That’s the number one issue, stomach.

I have a little patient, 14 years old, who went through a whole battery of tests, nothing wrong. Three months in a row, he had a bowel movement and suddenly he balanced his pH of his stomach. He couldn’t eat a food (inaudible), Dr. Troy.

Dr. Troy: Wow. Wow.

Dr. Fred: You know these little kids, asthma, I just saw asthma just like skyrocketing. Allergies, oh my goodness. These are all symptoms that the bowel needs cleansing.

Dr. Troy: Yes it is. Yep.

Dr. Fred: Now, we don’t treat symptoms, but if you restore the pH to the body, then the diseased tissue cannot produce the disease.

Dr. Troy: Yes, the negative effects of this thing.

Dr. Fred: Correct.

Dr. Troy: So this product has been clinically proven to help with blood pressure, help with joint pain, arthritis type pains, which many of our listeners suffer from, blood sugar issues, digestion is huge in the office. So if you want to get Chlorella, we have a special for our listeners today.

We are offering 3 bags of Wuji Chlorella for 89$ or you can up to a 6 month supply for an additional $50. It’s $139, you get 6 bags of Wuji Chlorella. If you do that, we will also send you a 7 day jump start whole smoothie cleanse. The number to call is 360-260-6903, 360-260-6903.

So if you want to strengthen, boost your immune system, improve digestion, become more alkaline, reduce arthritis pain, here’s the number to call. 360-260-6903. 6 bags of Chlorella for $139. Amazing deal, it lasts about 6 months and as Dr. Fred said, you want to take it small and we will send you the instructions on how to take it.

Woman speaking: I am a tennis coach. I take Chlorella daily. It gives me a good boost in the morning to start my day off. My body doesn’t feel the same without it. I mean it gives me energy and overall some good balance for my health.

Dr. Troy: Again I am here today with Dr. Fred Schofield from South Africa we have been discussing the amazing benefits of Wuji Chlorella. Dr. Fred, I want to ask you, why do you take Wuji? And I also want to ask you what about your children? What about your grandchildren? Why do they take it and what are some of the things you see with them?

Dr. Fred: Well, you see, Dr. Olbrack, William Olbrack, after the second world war, out of Missouri ….he taught that disease preys on an undernourished body, an undernourished body. Now, Chlorella, remember is a whole food, a whole food. Now, we want our grandson to have the whole spectrum. By the way, there are products out there, Dr. Troy, that say, “Well it’s added Chlorella.” No, no, no, no. You don’t have to add anything to Chlorella.

Dr. Troy: Yes.

Dr. Fred: This is pure, whole food. And…it’s green. So, it will stimulate the bowel, the kidneys, the liver, the bloodstream, the heart, the lungs, the pancreas. Why? Because it’s green. And green feeds the body. What does it do? Well, it increases, it builds a number of beneficial bacteria in the bowel and reduces undesirable bacteria in the colon.Green stimulates the bile release from the gall bladder, improving digestion and assimilation of fats. Your body will find a natural balance.

You want your grandchildren, your children, you don’t want them to have snotty noses. I had a little boy, yesterday, he was suffering. I said okay, we are going to make you a little smoothie, a little green smoothie. Our major product in the smoothie will be the Chlorella.

Dr. Troy: Yes, exactly.

Dr. Fred: You will find balance in your body, so your weight will start to find its balance. It strengthens your mucus membranes.

Dr. Troy: Yes.

Dr. Fred: Even the bowel,where the immune system is, but the most beautiful thing is your energy increases. Your achy joints disappear. You wake up and you go, “My goodness, I have energy.” My goodness, you feel good, Dr. Troy.

Dr. Troy: Yeah. That is what our listeners want.

Dr. Fred: I’m 60 years old. I’ve got more energy than these little, these kids that are 20 years old.
Dr. Troy: Yeah. (laughing) They are all looking for all these Rockstar energy drinks, you know.

Dr. Fred: Correct. There is no green in them.

Dr. Troy: So, if you want to strengthen and boost your energy, improve digestion, strengthen your blood, become more alkaline, cleanse your liver, Chlorella is the product for you.

Today, we are offering 3 bags of Chlorella for $89. We’ll include the shipping and as a bonus, if you want to go for a 6 month supply.

Dr. Fred, you know this as well as I do, to rebuild, regenerate and rejuvenate is going to take time. I always tell people to commit to a 6 month supply of Chlorella. It’s $139. You get 6 bags. For most people, it will last them 6 months.

I have seen this product work in my life. I know you’ve seen it work in your life. I’ve seen patients in our office, hip pain, knee pain, shoulder, arthritis, digestive issues.

A lot of people are taking these cheap, non-wholefood vitamins thinking that they are doing some good for themselves. I always tell people, “Try Chlorella. You’d be surprised. You might even be able to eliminate these non-wholefood vitamins.” Fatigue.

Dr. Fred: Correct.

Dr. Troy: Energy is huge. So, I just want to make sure that people understand that Chlorella is this little green miracle. You can call our office, 360-260-6903. You get 6 bags of Wuji Chlorella for only $139 and then we will also send you 21 smoothie recipes, where you can actually put the Chlorella in the smoothies. The kids love it. There are savory ones, there’s fruity ones. It’s just amazing. We’ll throw in that 21 day recipe in for you as our gift for listening today.

Angie: My name is Angie and I have been taking Wuji for years. I actually have 4 children and they’ve all been taking Chlorella for a very, very long time. It helps keep my energy up. It helps my kids. My kids play sports. They play hockey and we always give them Wuji before they go on the ice. I have taken it through all my pregnancies and while I was nursing. It is very safe. It just makes me feel really, really good.

I don’t have any joint pain. I don’t have any aches and pains. So, I would highly recommend that you take it, just for everyday life. And I also love it because you can put it in a smoothie. So, I know if my kids aren’t eating the healthiest for a certain meal, I throw it in a smoothie and I know that they are getting the nutrients and things that they need. So, I would highly, highly recommend it.

Dr. Troy: So Dr. Fred, anything you want to finish up here before we end the show today, for our listeners?

Dr. Fred: I would recommend anybody who has aches or pains, shoulder pain, elbow, wrist, neck pain, knee pain, ankle pain, any pain in the joints, to take this miracle wholefood. It’s whole. It’s pure and it’s natural, Wuji Chlorella.

Dr. Troy: Absolutely. Thank you, Dr. Fred, so much for your time. I know we are running out of time today, but again, I want to thank you for coming on the show and sharing your 34 years of clinical success and experience with our listeners today. Thanks so much, Dr. Fred.

The number again to call is 360-260-6903 for today’s special offer. A 3 month supply of Wuji Chlorella for $89 or a 6 month supply of Wuji Chlorella for $139. Call now, 360-260-6903, 360-260-6903.

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