Wuji Chlorella

Below is an interview conducted 06/19/15 by Dr. Troy Dreiling on the Absolute Life Radio Show with Dr. Troy Dreiling of Zenaptic Chiropractic and Dr. Fred Schofield.

You’ll hear how a whole food supplement called Wuji Chlorella also known as “the little green miracle” can help change your life dramatically.

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What you’re about to hear today may dramatically reduce arthritis pain, joint inflammation, improve digestion, reverse blood sugar challenges and boost your energy. Stay Tuned

Today’s health with Dr. Troy of Zenaptic Chiropractic in Vancouver, Washington. Now here is my dad, Dr. Troy.

Dr. Troy: Welcome, I’m Dr. Troy Dreiling of Zenaptic Chiropractic. I’ve been in practice for over 21 years helping our community get well and stay well.

What you’re about to hear today may dramatically reduce arthritis pain, joint inflammation, improve digestion, reverse blood sugar challenges and boost your energy. If that sounds good to you, stay tuned.

The product we are going to be talking about has helped 1000’s of people improve their hip and knee pain, shoulder and arthritis pain, and digestive and energy issues.

Multiple people I meet are taking multiple pain relievers daily, cheap and non-whole food vitamins, and suffering from fatigue, sleep issues, and arthritis pain.

I am going to share with you a safe, very simple and effective solution to these issues. Some would even call it “the little green miracle”. It possesses the key to natural detoxification, energy restoration, natural anti-inflammatory and MEGA immune system building benefits. It is a whole food. It grows in water and sunlight, two of the most power elements that GOD put on this planet.

Our special guest today, he is going to tell you what he has learned after 32 years of study in the arena of natural health and holistic healing. He has traveled all over the world and is highly sought after to speak and teach at doctors’ conferences and healing universities. He is regarded as one of the leading authorities in health and vitalism today.

I want to introduce you to my good friend, Dr. Schofield. He was born in Cape Town, South Africa and graduated at Palmer Chiropractic College in 1981. He has been in practice for over 34 years, with him and his wife Susan. She holds a degree in pharmacy and they’ve been studying and using natural food supplements to help thousands of patients and doctors improve their health and well-being.

He has a personal story to tell you, and is dedicated to helping you and our families, and our loved ones and our world to be a better place. So, Dr. Fred, I want to welcome you to our show today.

Dr. Fred: Well, thank you, Dr. Troy.

Dr. Troy: I’m so glad that you took time today to speak to our audience. You have a story to tell on this whole food supplement that we want to bring to people’s attentions today. So, let’s hear your story on Chlorella and how it has helped you.

Dr. Fred: It’s fantastic. I would say it saved my life. I was raised in South Africa and my father was a medical doctor. I suffered from back pain from when I was 14. For 9 years, they couldn’t figure out what my problem was.

When I was a little one, before I had back pain, and I didn’t have it all of the time. It wasn’t like there was some issue like this. It came and it went. I couldn’t understand why it would come and then go. Until years later, I looked into a doctor who was lecturing in Las Vegas.

He was lecturing on Chlorella. I went, “What is this? How come I’ve never heard of this?” I figured out by then, now I’m 30 years old and it still comes and goes. I figured out it has to do with my gastrointestinal system, because when my bowels move, that was awesome. (laughing) When the bowels didn’t move, it increased that pressure. That pressure created that debilitating back pain. I asked him, “What is this?” Now, he was a world authority, Dr. Bernard Jensen.

Dr. Troy: Yes.

Dr. Fred: A world authority on nutrition, in fact, he the founder of nutrition in America, one of the founders.

Dr. Troy: Yeah.

Dr. Fred: He said, you get on this and it will change your life. My goodness, Dr. Troy, it changed my life! I used to be a professional Rugby player. My knee pain went away. Oh my goodness, do you know what it’s like to have an achy knee pain and you work all day and I stand most of the day and my knee pain has gone away.

I used to have terrible, I sprained my ankles, I don’t know how many times, as a kid. And suddenly, my ligaments are getting stronger. I am not spraining my ankle. That’s incredible.

Dr. Troy: That is incredible.

Dr. Fred: Waking up in the morning, I did Chlorella first thing in the morning. That’s the first thing I did. And I have these amazing bowel movements, (laughing), that detoxify my colon.

Dr. Troy: Yes. Yes.

Dr. Fred: There’s a few things, I call it a miracle. It’s a miracle food. It’s a superfood. Do people know what a superfood is?

Dr. Troy: Yes.

Dr. Fred: It detoxifies you at the cellular level. It has a huge chlorophyll molecule in it. And I can tell you, after practicing for 34 years, Dr. Troy, my patients do not eat as many greens as they should.

Dr. Troy: Yes, exactly.

Dr. Fred: The bowel issues, the kidney issues, liver issues. That all comes because they don’t have enough chlorophyll in their systems. You know, chlorophyll to the body is the same as a green to a plant. It is green. In the beginning, I thought, if people change their diets, well, no, no they don’t. They didn’t come to me to change their diets, they came to me because they are in pain.

Dr. Troy: Yes, exactly.

Dr. Fred: They are suffering. I fractured my right clavicle three times. I just thought ok it’s just aging. You know what, Dr. Troy, I am 60 years old, I have no symptoms at all, I’ve never been on medication and I am healthier today than I’ve ever been and I can tell you right now and your listeners, that is because of WUJI Chlorella.

Does it work? Yes, it works. I’ve seen thousands of patients and they swear by Chlorella. My constipation went away. My achy joints went away. I could have a bowel movement, (crying), you know, Dr. Troy, I would go 7 days without a bowel movement.

Dr. Troy: Wow, that’s way too long.

Dr. Fred: I don’t know if you’ve ever been constipated, but I don’t wish that on my worst enemy.

Dr. Troy: No.

Dr. Fred: Now, Chlorella is interesting because it is 35 times as more chlorophyll as alfalfa. 35 times more than alfalfa.

Dr. Troy: Yes, it’s powerful that way.

Dr. Fred: What do cows eat? Alfalfa. The protein content of Chlorella is over to 30% of its weight. The digestibility, here’s the key, of Chlorella 80%, Dr. Troy. Experiments have shown that Chlorella strengthens the immune system. And where is the immune system? Most of my patients don’t know. I ask them, “Where is your immune system?” They don’t know.

Dr. Troy: No.

Dr. Fred: Well, it’s in the gut. We know that. It’s in the gut. And what stimulates the gut? Chlorella stimulates the gut.

Dr. Troy: Yes.

Dr. Fred: And it strengthens your immune system. It eliminates toxicity. Is toxicity a big problem today?

Dr. Troy: Huge problem.

Dr. Fred: Huge problem. Heavy metals.

Dr. Troy: Huge.

Dr. Fred: Cholesterol.

Dr. Troy: It’s rampant.

Dr. Fred: It reduces cholesterol.

Dr. Troy: Hmm-hmmm

Dr. Fred: It stimulates bowel activity. Blood pressure, it reduces blood pressure. My goodness, it detoxifies you. Suddenly, you are waking up, do you know what it’s like to wake up and you feel 30 again.

Dr. Troy: (laughing) That’s an amazing feeling.

Dr. Fred: It’s unbelievable.

Dr. Troy: Yeah.

Dr. Fred: It stimulates the liver. It removes aluminum from the brain. Is that a big, is there some symptoms of that.

Dr. Troy: Yep. There is the cognitive functions, all kinds of things with people nowadays.

Dr. Fred: Look at all these concussions.

Dr. Troy: Hmm-hmmm

Dr. Fred: Aha, that’s not all just trauma. My goodness.

Dr. Troy: So some of my listeners, you know it’s amazing, I get people who call and they want to know more. They are like, it sounds to good to be true. A lot of people, as they get older, they’ve never been exposed to Chlorella.

And you said, we talked before the show and you were like, “I wake up, I don’t have arthritis pain. I don’t have hip pain. My digestion is great. My blood sugar is normal. My energy is great!” You are like the most energetic guy that I know.

I talk to doctors all the time and patients. Even these young kids, you seem to have more energy than they do. It’s amazing to me. How was this thing discovered and what happens when you take the product? Because a lot of people, they always call and ask, “How do I take the product? Where did it come from?” Can you elaborate a bit little on that to our listeners today?

Dr. Fred: Sure. Well you know it’s one of the most popular whole food supplement. It’s a food. First of all, you’ve got to realize, it’s not a supplement. It’s a food.

Dr. Troy: Yes, yes, that’s the key.

Dr. Fred: That is the key. So, you are getting green Now, green plants, we know, help build red blood cells and they can store calcium in the body. Green is the key to your bowels.

Dr. Troy: Yes.

Dr. Fred: So, it’s made over in Taiwan, I think over 80% of the global Chlorella. It’s a huge product in The Orient.

Dr. Troy: Yeah.

Dr. Fred: I tell you, it’s a food so you’ve got to be gentle with food.

Dr. Troy: Yes.

Dr. Fred: You start small with any product that anybody ever takes. You always start small and you build. You don’t just suddenly get healthy. You have to build your immune system. You have to build the “inner kingdom”, as we call it. The inner kingdom, you have to build. You have to strengthen and the green strengthens the mucus membrane of your gut.

Dr. Troy: Yes, it does.

Dr. Fred: And it keeps out, you know the gut is alive. You know, we fed our babies, we haven’t even mentioned it.

Dr. Troy: Yes.

Dr. Fred: we fed our babies Chlorella so they were pooping green. A healthy baby poops green.

Dr. Troy: Yep.

Dr. Fred: My wife, Susan, who breastfeeds the baby, she takes Chlorella and the baby poops green. That is amazing.

Dr. Troy: Yeah, the breastmilk is while and the stool is green.

Dr. Fred: Exactly. (laughing) Yes, you are building and repairing the cells. You are growing cells, repairing, restoring cells to their natural balance.

Dr. Troy: Yeah.

Dr. Fred: A byproduct of that is detoxification.

Dr. Troy: That is huge nowadays. I’m sure a lot of our listeners, they want to know how to get their hands on Chlorella.

Dr. Fred, I know you have given our listeners a special offer today and one of the things we are going to offer. We are offering three bags of Wuji Chlorella for $89, that includes the shipping. You can call our office 360-260-6903 and we will ship you out 3 bags of Chlorella for $89. It’s about a 3 month supply for the average person. If you call now, we actually have a special offer where you can up your offer for only $50 more. So you can get 6 bags, which is approximately a 6 month supply for most people. It’s $139.

So, if you want to strengthen the immune system, balance your pH, reduce arthritis pain, even these common little aches, that you think, “Oh it is normal as I get older,” you’ve got to call our office, 360-260-6903.

So that is 6 bag of this Wuji Chlorella, the little green miracle, we call it, for $139 the shipping is included. If you call now, one of the other things we are doing now, is are sending a 7 day jump start whole food smoothie cleanse. So you can put your Chlorella in this whole food smoothie and drink that as well. The energy you receive from this is amazing. The number again to order is 360-260-6903.

Susan: Hi, I am Susan. I am a nutritionalist and I use Wuji Chlorella and have for years and years and years. I raised my children on it because of the nutritional impact that it had on them. The thing that I like about the Chlorella is with traveling, it gives you all the nutrition you need. It helps you digest your food and it helps your elimination. When you travel as much as I do, that is huge. So, get on green. Green is good. Go with Wuji Chlorella.

Dr. Troy: Today, again, we are talking with Dr. Fred Schofield. He is one of the leading authorities on health and healing. I want to talk to, Dr. Fred, what are the capabilities of this product? A lot of people say, “Oh, there’s all these products.” I’ve found that a lot of the products you hear on the radio, they are not

A lot of people say, “Oh, there’s all these products.” I’ve found that a lot of the products you hear on the radio, they are not whole food. And a lot of nutritional companies actually derive their nutrients from Chlorella, even pharmaceutical companies seek after Chlorella to help manufacture their pharmaceutical drugs, from this thing we are talking about.

So, let’s talk about this capability. How have you seen this improve peoples’ health in your clinic and what is the research saying about this powerful whole food?

Dr. Fred: The pancreas, oh my goodness. Is diabetes rampant?

Dr. Troy: Huge. Huge.

Dr. Fred: My goodness. If you have children, they don’t eat healthy, they want junk food after school. You feed them a smoothie with the super food Chlorella in it. Small intestine, and then the large intestine and colon.

Dr. Troy: Yeah. Yeah.

Dr. Fred: Well, Dr. Troy, it’s a miracle, as far as I am concerned. First of all, what we do, what they call the river of enzymes, so, when we check your pH, the beautiful thing with Chlorella, it stabilizes pH.

Now your pH, there is acid and there is alkaline. You want it to be neutral. So, Chlorella stimulates the salivary glands, the liver, the stomach. That’s the number one issue, stomach.

I have a little patient, 14 years old, who went through a whole battery of tests, nothing wrong. Three months in a row, he had a bowel movement and suddenly he balanced his pH of his stomach. He couldn’t eat a food (inaudible), Dr. Troy.

Dr. Troy: Wow. Wow.

Dr. Fred: You know these little kids, asthma, I just saw asthma just like skyrocketing. Allergies, oh my goodness. These are all symptoms that the bowel needs cleansing.

Dr. Troy: Yes it is. Yep.

Dr. Fred: Now, we don’t treat symptoms, but if you restore the pH to the body, then the diseased tissue cannot produce the disease.

Dr. Troy: Yes, the negative effects of this thing.

Dr. Fred: Correct.

Dr. Troy: So this product has been clinically proven to help with blood pressure, help with joint pain, arthritis type pains, which many of our listeners suffer from, blood sugar issues, digestion is huge in the office. So if you want to get Chlorella, we have a special for our listeners today.

We are offering 3 bags of Wuji Chlorella for 89$ or you can up to a 6 month supply for an additional $50. It’s $139, you get 6 bags of Wuji Chlorella. If you do that, we will also send you a 7 day jump start whole smoothie cleanse. The number to call is 360-260-6903, 360-260-6903.

So if you want to strengthen, boost your immune system, improve digestion, become more alkaline, reduce arthritis pain, here’s the number to call. 360-260-6903. 6 bags of Chlorella for $139. Amazing deal, it lasts about 6 months and as Dr. Fred said, you want to take it small and we will send you the instructions on how to take it.

Woman speaking: I am a tennis coach. I take Chlorella daily. It gives me a good boost in the morning to start my day off. My body doesn’t feel the same without it. I mean it gives me energy and overall some good balance for my health.

Dr. Troy: Again I am here today with Dr. Fred Schofield from South Africa we have been discussing the amazing benefits of Wuji Chlorella. Dr. Fred, I want to ask you, why do you take Wuji? And I also want to ask you what about your children? What about your grandchildren? Why do they take it and what are some of the things you see with them?

Dr. Fred: Well, you see, Dr. Olbrack, William Olbrack, after the second world war, out of Missouri ….he taught that disease preys on an undernourished body, an undernourished body. Now, Chlorella, remember is a whole food, a whole food. Now, we want our grandson to have the whole spectrum. By the way, there are products out there, Dr. Troy, that say, “Well it’s added Chlorella.” No, no, no, no. You don’t have to add anything to Chlorella.

Dr. Troy: Yes.

Dr. Fred: This is pure, whole food. And…it’s green. So, it will stimulate the bowel, the kidneys, the liver, the bloodstream, the heart, the lungs, the pancreas. Why? Because it’s green. And green feeds the body. What does it do? Well, it increases, it builds a number of beneficial bacteria in the bowel and reduces undesirable bacteria in the colon.Green stimulates the bile release from the gall bladder, improving digestion and assimilation of fats. Your body will find a natural balance.

You want your grandchildren, your children, you don’t want them to have snotty noses. I had a little boy, yesterday, he was suffering. I said okay, we are going to make you a little smoothie, a little green smoothie. Our major product in the smoothie will be the Chlorella.

Dr. Troy: Yes, exactly.

Dr. Fred: You will find balance in your body, so your weight will start to find its balance. It strengthens your mucus membranes.

Dr. Troy: Yes.

Dr. Fred: Even the bowel,where the immune system is, but the most beautiful thing is your energy increases. Your achy joints disappear. You wake up and you go, “My goodness, I have energy.” My goodness, you feel good, Dr. Troy.

Dr. Troy: Yeah. That is what our listeners want.

Dr. Fred: I’m 60 years old. I’ve got more energy than these little, these kids that are 20 years old.
Dr. Troy: Yeah. (laughing) They are all looking for all these Rockstar energy drinks, you know.

Dr. Fred: Correct. There is no green in them.

Dr. Troy: So, if you want to strengthen and boost your energy, improve digestion, strengthen your blood, become more alkaline, cleanse your liver, Chlorella is the product for you.

Today, we are offering 3 bags of Chlorella for $89. We’ll include the shipping and as a bonus, if you want to go for a 6 month supply.

Dr. Fred, you know this as well as I do, to rebuild, regenerate and rejuvenate is going to take time. I always tell people to commit to a 6 month supply of Chlorella. It’s $139. You get 6 bags. For most people, it will last them 6 months.

I have seen this product work in my life. I know you’ve seen it work in your life. I’ve seen patients in our office, hip pain, knee pain, shoulder, arthritis, digestive issues.

A lot of people are taking these cheap, non-wholefood vitamins thinking that they are doing some good for themselves. I always tell people, “Try Chlorella. You’d be surprised. You might even be able to eliminate these non-wholefood vitamins.” Fatigue.

Dr. Fred: Correct.

Dr. Troy: Energy is huge. So, I just want to make sure that people understand that Chlorella is this little green miracle. You can call our office, 360-260-6903. You get 6 bags of Wuji Chlorella for only $139 and then we will also send you 21 smoothie recipes, where you can actually put the Chlorella in the smoothies. The kids love it. There are savory ones, there’s fruity ones. It’s just amazing. We’ll throw in that 21 day recipe in for you as our gift for listening today.

Angie: My name is Angie and I have been taking Wuji for years. I actually have 4 children and they’ve all been taking Chlorella for a very, very long time. It helps keep my energy up. It helps my kids. My kids play sports. They play hockey and we always give them Wuji before they go on the ice. I have taken it through all my pregnancies and while I was nursing. It is very safe. It just makes me feel really, really good.

I don’t have any joint pain. I don’t have any aches and pains. So, I would highly recommend that you take it, just for everyday life. And I also love it because you can put it in a smoothie. So, I know if my kids aren’t eating the healthiest for a certain meal, I throw it in a smoothie and I know that they are getting the nutrients and things that they need. So, I would highly, highly recommend it.

Dr. Troy: So Dr. Fred, anything you want to finish up here before we end the show today, for our listeners?

Dr. Fred: I would recommend anybody who has aches or pains, shoulder pain, elbow, wrist, neck pain, knee pain, ankle pain, any pain in the joints, to take this miracle wholefood. It’s whole. It’s pure and it’s natural, Wuji Chlorella.

Dr. Troy: Absolutely. Thank you, Dr. Fred, so much for your time. I know we are running out of time today, but again, I want to thank you for coming on the show and sharing your 34 years of clinical success and experience with our listeners today. Thanks so much, Dr. Fred.

The number again to call is 360-260-6903 for today’s special offer. A 3 month supply of Wuji Chlorella for $89 or a 6 month supply of Wuji Chlorella for $139. Call now, 360-260-6903, 360-260-6903.

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Vancouver, WA 98661

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The Focus of Chiropractic Today and How it Has Evolved

Below is an interview conducted 11/2/15 by Mary Sheppard of the North West Showcase on 93.9 KPDQ with Dr. Troy Dreiling of Zenaptic Chiropractic.

You’ll hear how chiropractic came about and how much it has evolved to what we know it to be today.

Listen while you follow along with the transcription below. Enjoy!

Audio Interview Part 1

Audio Interview Part 2

Audio Transcription

Welcome to the North West Showcase on 93.9 KPDQ sponsored today by Zenaptic Chiropractic

I am Mary Sheppard with our guest today Dr. Troy Dreiling of Zenaptic Chiropractic a healing center in Vancouver, Washington. The phone number (360)260-6903, that’s (360) 260-6903 and the address to find it is 3201 NE 72nd Drive in Vancouver. It’s on the corner of 4th Plain & Andresen. If you would like to check out the website there is more information there at Zenapticchiropractic.com.

Mary Sheppard: Welcome Dr. Troy

Dr. Troy: Thank you

Mary Sheppard: It’s always great to have you in the studio and talk to you. You are a chiropractor, how else would you define what you do?

Dr. Troy: Yes. That’s the greatest thing that I’ve come across, what we do and explaining that. Recently I have been really focused on telling people, “hey, we are going to help you express your life potential better.” So many people are not expressing their full potential health wise and really I look at this and go, how can I help help them express their full potential better? That is really what I am focused on with patients is getting them to a better state of health with non-traditional allopathic procedures. You know, the drugs and things that most people rely on. So my focus is trying to get them feeling better naturally without doing some of these radical things that can adversely affect them long term.

Mary Sheppard: Right. You want them to live their life to their fullest potential and not be adversely affected by so many things that are in medicine today.

Dr. Troy: Yes

Mary Sheppard: That’s a great thing that you want to do that for them. How did chiropractic come about? What is the focus of chiropractic today and how did that evolve?

Dr. Troy: You know, in 1885 D.D. Palmer who was a magnetic healer, he’s the guy who discovered chiropractic he practiced magnetic healing.

I was reading his book, it’s called History in the Making, his focus was laying hands on people and trying to get the energy flowing in their body. So, he would put his hands on their shoulder, the knee, whatever, then he finally said, “why don’t I focus on the thing that runs the entire body”, which is the central nerve system, let’s focus on getting that working better and in balance.

In 1885 there is a deaf janitor named Harvey Lillard that came to see him and D.D. Palmer ask him how did this happen and he said “well I wrapped my neck, I heard a pop in my neck and I went deaf.” He said, “let me take a look at your neck” and this is when chiropractic was discovered and founded, September 18, 1885. D.D. Palmer pushed on this lesion he felt in his neck and his hearing came back.

Mary Sheppard: Wow!

Dr. Troy: So, D.D. Palmer said, “wow, we found the answer to deafness!” So, you know that’s really what they started promoting, people would come in for deafness, come in and get your deafness cleared for a dollar

Mary Sheppard: (laughing) Right

Dr. Troy: You know, whatever the fee was back in 1885. Peoples other conditions started clearing up. Their high blood pressure, their numbness, their headaches, and all different kinds of started clearing up and he went, something else is going on here this isn’t the cure for deafness because not everyone’s deafness is going away.

That’s really what formulated chiropractic was it was all based on the nervous system and the tone. That’s why I say expressing life’s potential because if you cut a nerve to an organ or a muscle it’s gonna die.

Mary Sheppard: Right

Dr. Troy: But, if you slowly start choking that off you’re going to lose the expression of life to that organ or system or muscle.

Mary Sheppard: Well everything in our bodies is tied to our nervous system.

Dr. Troy: Everything

Mary Sheppard: So, chiropractic investigates that and goes after those causes to see what’s happening in the body.

Dr. Troy: Yes, exactly.

Mary Sheppard: What would bring somebody to come see you then?

Dr. Troy: Well the biggest thing is they are usually frustrated with how they’re feeling, how their functioning, they are frustrated with their health.

I had a guy just the other night he came in and was like, “oh, i’m fine” I said, “is there anything you want to work on?” he said no. I told him “okay, well, come back when you want to work on something.”

Usually, they are frustrated that the effects of daily living are being compromised. Like sleep, energy, they’re tired, they can’t rest properly. I had a guy the other day tell me “normally I get up with one try off the chair but now it takes me five tries to push myself up.” Because of the pain he’s feeling

Mary Sheppard: So their quality of life is starting to suffer so they come to you and say you know maybe we should investigate the nervous system and see if this is causing some of this.

Dr. Troy: Absolutely. And here’s the other thing too, they have typically been to doctor after doctor and this guy the other day said the doctor told him there was nothing wrong with him. He said he can’t sleep he can’t move, I go “well something wrong let’s find the cause.”

The doctor is saying nothing wrong maybe take some ibuprofen maybe take some over the counter but we can’t help you. So I actually like those patients because they have been prescreened, you know they don’t have cancer or some life threatening condition so something else is there that they are not looking for.

I always tell patients, “if you went to a dentist, they’re not going to look at your spine to see if there is a misaligned vertebra, so why would you think that a medical doctor”,not that I am picking on these guys but “why would you think that a medical doctor would look for that? They are not trained to so that.”

I just came across our course, I went to school 22 years ago, I was looking at the recent curriculum for what it would take to be a medical doctor versus a chiropractor. I was telling one of my patients that a medical doctor is going to study pathology, pharmacology, diagnosis and the treatment of those diagnosis’ with drugs and surgery. The patients was like, “oh, yeah.”

So they would never look for a misalignment in your spine or loss of joint motion it’s  just not in their realm, just like dentistry won’t look for it.

Mary Sheppard: Well, I think that people get resolved to having to go through life with these issues because they haven’t gotten help from a medical doctor and they think, well okay this is what I have to face in life now.

They don’t think that there is any hope to get beyond that. That is  what is so great, you get to come in there and say, hey maybe we can help you with your situation and get some results that way.

I think a lot of people too, maybe, don’t take their health, ummm, I mean we just get so busy with life that we kind of just put it on the back burner and it’s one of the most important things isn’t it?

Dr. Troy: It’s huge. If you don’t have your health than what else is there? I mean it doesn’t matter how big your bank account is.

Look at kids.  My wife and I Were watching this program and the mom was murdered and the dad wound up going to jail so now the kids have no parents, I was looking at that with people who lose their health and you know your family is behind you. I don’t like to see anyone suffering and go through that when there are some answers out there.

Mary Sheppard: Mmhmm. So what would you do to find those answers? When somebody comes to you or calls you; let me give that number out again (360) 260-6903.

Somebody calls they make an appointment they say I need a little bit of help with this situation, what would you do?

Dr. Troy: Well the first thing I am going to do is explain to them. We take a history to find out what’s going on. I got to tell you a lot of people will trivialize their health. They will go, oh it’s just my neck and it’s just a little sore, especially the men.

When you dive in deeper, you fins out a lot of time they have been dealing with this for many years and sometimes even decades.It is usually rellated to some sort of traumatic event whether it’s a physical trauma or a mental trauma or even a chemical exposure you know?

So there’s either, thoughts, traumas, or toxins that can cause the body to not function at it’s best. So that’s the first thing we do is look at their history. Then, I am going to explain to them what it is exactly that we do. I will take a spinal; I’ve got posters all over my wall I call it the teaching center, but I will show them the brain, the nerves and I will explain.

The brain runs the body through the central nerve system. In order for organs to work, muscles to work, for your systems to work, you have to have proper nerve supply. So if I block the nerve and we were talking about this earlier, if I cut the nerve to the heart, the heart is going to stop.

Whether you believe in chiropractic or not, it doesn’t matter your religion, if you cut that nerve off whatever that nerve innervates is going to deteriorate. So that’s the first thing I am going to explain to them.

Then I am going to show them. I will go, there are 24 bones in the spine, 31 pairs of spinal nerves, and from the base of your neck to your tailbone ,there are 313 spinal joints. That’s a lot of joints! I will show them, you have 2 shoulder joints, 2 knee joints but you have 313 spinal joints and a lot can happen. I will show them if those bones get out of alignment, do you see what it does to the nerves?

Mary Sheppard: That makes sense, just listening to this!

Dr. Troy: My goal  is to get them to go, oh, okay I see, so they understand really what we are looking for. A lot of people don’t know what we do, they are scared, heard stories and I just try to make it, hey this is what we do does that make sense? Most people go, yeah, it makes sense.

Okay, so let’s check you. The biggest thing I am into is function. Let’s check your function. Are you shoulders level, are your feet level.

Mary Sheppard: How’s it working for your body and your life, that sought of thing?

Dr. Troy: Yeah. We will do a functional analysis. Put them on a table, check their leg length, we will move them around and certain things. They can feel the restrictions, I use traction blocks. I will put them under their pelvis when they are laying down and then I will retest and ask if they notice the difference in the tension? 99% of the time patients will feel better. That’s just by laying them on the blocks and reducing the tension. I tell them, “Guess what? You’re already getting better.”

Then we do a more detailed exam. Typically I am going to take more films, x-rays, specific x-rays to look for vertebral misalignments. I had a patient the other day he went to the medic and I ask if they took these x-rays and he said no, they just took a picture of his shoulder.

I told him we’re looking to see; just like D.D. Palmer, the magnetic healer, we are looking to see if there is interference in your life force.

Mary Sheppard: Okay, which is the central nervous system and the nerves to all the parts of your body. So you are checking on those.

When you realign things you’re taking some of the pressure off of those nerves right?

Dr. Troy: Yes, and then that restores the vital life force.

There’s a doctor, Dr. Chung Ha Suh, found that just the weight of a dime on the nerve root will block the nerve flow up to 60%.

Mary Sheppard: Wow, that’s amazing!

Dr. Troy: That doesn’t mean the organ dies, it just loses its energy.

Mary Sheppard: Yeah. Maybe you can experience some pain or discomfort in some way.

Dr. Troy: Absolutely.

Mary Sheppard: You have opened our eyes to a lot of things that have to do with healing and to how the nervous system really affects that.

When you look around America today you do see some health movements and everything else starting up but you see a lot of Americans who really don’t take their health seriously don’t you? What would you say is happening in America today?

Dr. Troy: Well, I think a lot of people don’t realize that they are in charge of their health and tey rely on a doctor to give them answers and tell them to do this, this and this, and so a lot of people have been disempowered I want to say  to really take charge of their health.

Mary Sheppard: So they put it in the hands of the doctor instead?

Dr. Troy: Yes

Mary Sheppard: Okay

Dr. Troy: Instead of having a doctor being part of their team, I am more of a guidance counselor if you will for their health. It’s more empowering for people and it’s exciting to see them get better. If we’re trying something that’s not working let’s try something else, that’s really my focus.

Mary Sheppard: So the patients have a say in how things go with their treatment?

Dr. Troy: Absolutely. So many people will just say, oh I have this condition so I can’t get better. They have been kind of imprisoned in that thought process and I say the body heals itself from anything! Whether it’s cancer, diabetes, other conditions, if allowed to express itself properly.

Our biggest thing is the nerve system. How do we  maximize potential through the nerve system, through the spine?

Mary Sheppard: So is that what good health is for us? Having the nervous system working perfectly? I mean, or what are you trying to achieve there?

Dr. Troy: Well, there are two components to health but if you look at the definition of health it says health is mental, physical and social optimization. It’s not merely the absence of disease or infirmities. If you look, a lot of people think oh I don’t feel bad so I must be healthy which is not true. You can totally be filled with cancer and not feel sick, so does that mean you’re healthy? No.

Health is when you function optimally on a mental, physical and social level.

Mary Sheppard: So all of those components factor in?

Dr. Troy: All of them, yeah, absolutely.

When you look at health there is a constant in the body. We call it the innate intelligence, that is the life force. So when you look at health there are two things you need.

One is you need life force; so when I was in chiropractic school my instructor said, why don’t you adjust your cadaver? I said okay let me adjust him and nothing happened. I went back to him told him I adjusted the cadaver and he said, “exactly, chiropractic doesn’t work on dead people because they don’t have a  life force. So I was like, oh, okay so you have to have a life force number one, which that energy is always constant but then you can lose function. So if that life force is there but you lose function, that’s when you lose your health when you have a loss of function.

So really if you boil it down, if you have maximum function you’ll have maximum health.

Mary Sheppard: And mentally, can that factor in?

Dr. Troy: Yeah.

Mary Sheppard: I guess people that go through stress can have ill health and that kind of thing.

Dr. Troy: There it is.

Mary Sheppard: Okay, yeah.

Dr. Troy: You know I got a book right now it’s called the Polyvagal Theory that I am reading. It talks about the central nervous system and if you look at these people who are over reactive neurologically; you know you talk to them and they get upset really easily, you know they have had some traumas. So, their nerve system is overstimulated and they become catabolic, meaning their body starts breaking down, it’s an insidious slow thing.

So, we look to restore that balance. I had a guy yesterday he was laying on the table and he was snoring and that’s my mission because so many people are stressed out, they are so amped up, they don’t have time to chill. So this guy is taking a snooze, I walk in and I’m like, hey Jim and he woke up. I let him lay there for a little while because he needs to take a chill.

Mary Sheppard: He needs that obviously, yeah!

Dr. Troy: So when we look at chiropractic we look at balancing the autonomic nerves which are, the amped up nerves are called the sympathetic and then the calming, healing, relaxation nerves are called the parasympathetic.

So that’s really my approach, to help balance those two things together so that the body works so that energy is at its full potential.

Mary Sheppard: So, have you seen a lot of results from doing this? This gentleman, the one that came into you and was sleeping obviously needed that. But, then you do treatments?

Dr. Troy: I do, we call them spinal adjustments they are very gentle and very safe. As I was telling you earlier I use a technique, it’s called SOT. We use wedging to unlock the pelvis so that it takes the tension off of the spinal cord.

The spinal cord is going to hook in the sacrum which is in the low back, the tailbone area, and then it is also going to hook to the first bone in the neck. Other than that, the spinal cord floats. So if there’s deviations in the alignment  it’s going to create tensions on the nerves which is going to create an altered effect or an altered function.

So when we improve the function they tend to always see an improvement in their health. That’s the beautiful thing. I get goosebumps every time I make an adjustment on somebody and they go, wow, that felt good.

Mary Sheppard: Yeah

Dr. Troy: So many people are scared to get adjusted. I mean I adjust little babies, I adjust people that are in their 90’s.

Mary Sheppard: So you can take a little baby too and be that gentle with that baby and help them with their spine.

Dr. Troy: Yup! I have three kids and I adjusted them right after birth, they don’t get sick.

The patients that come to see me; I had a guy a couple of days ago that came to see me and he told me he brought his daughter to the chiropractor a few years back, she had ear infections. One adjustment the ear infections were gone. She’s had colic and a couple of adjustments and the colic went away. He said that is what sold him on chiropractic, he took his daughter, he never believed in it and now he is a patient getting adjusted and getting results too.

Mary Sheppard: I think there is a lot more respect for chiropractic care today and as people come to learn more about the body, the nervous system and realize how much we are all interconnected with that, things are changing.

Dr. Troy: Yeah. I mean from 20 years ago when I started it’s way more open.

Mary Sheppard: Yeah. Why should someone come to Zenaptic Chiropractic rather than another chiropractor? I know there are a lot of differences in chiropractors.

Dr. Troy: Yeah, well, for me, the biggest thing; and i have an associate doctor, she graduated from a local college are here and she’s like, “wow, they never taught us any of this stuff in school.”

I said, “well we want to get patients better.”

You may be school smart but you’re not street smart on how to take a patient that is not functioning right and transform them into something that they want to be.

I have a lot of patients who come from other doctors and you know I love chiropractors, I am a chiropractor but we all do it different and that’s what I tell them. I will tell them you can go to 10 chiropractors and they will all do it different but here’s what we do. I will explain to them, the nerve system, the adjustment. A lot of people don’t get the adjustment.

So, to me, chiropractic is detecting, locating, analyzing where the imbalance is in the nerve system and correcting that. That’s all I do you know. I don’t do laser hair removal or weight loss, not that that stuff is bad, it’s just to me, chiropractic is correcting, locating and analyzing this interference and removing it.

I train every month, I am at a seminar every month.

Mary Sheppard: I was going to say it sounds like you do a lot of follow-up learning and all of that education for yourself to help you in your practice.

Dr. Troy: Yeah, I will pass that on to my patients. I do monthly classes, they are advanced classes on different things, like weight loss, how to stretch, different exercises you can do. So I do a lot of things to get my patients involved and taking care of themselves.

Mary Sheppard: It sounds like you are putting it on the patient but you are helping them get their health back.

Dr. Troy: Yeah, I want them to take charge.

Mary Sheppard: That is great, that is really great!

Tell us about some of the recent cases you’ve had. I mean it’s interesting to find out how it’s changed people’s lives and I would like to hear a little about that. Maybe you can talk about a person, I mean leave out their name perhaps.

Dr. Troy: Yeah, so I have a couple here, hopefully we can get to them, I will make it quick.

I had a girl come in last week, auto collision, low back pain. So here’s the trivializing part; she said it’s just her back that hurts. I do her exam and I’m testing her. I grabbed her neck and asked her if she gets headaches. She’s like, “oh yeah, all the time.” She didn’t even write headaches down.

I asked her when the first time was that she notices her headaches and she says, “my whole life I’ve had headaches.” So in my mind, I’m like, something caused this so I asked her, “how was birth?” She said her mom was in labor with her for almost 46 hours.

Mary Sheppard: Woah!

Dr. Troy: Yeah, that’s almost 2 days he mom was in labor, contracting, trying to get this baby out and she has had headaches ever since.

And so, the first adjustment, she comes back the next day and I asked her, “”how’s the headaches?” she goes, “Well, it’s better.” It’s been three adjustments now, it’s been a week and I asked her again.”any headaches?” she goes. “No, I haven’t had headaches in a week. We’ll see.”

I said, “what do you mean we’ll see?” She’s like, “well, I am going to work tonight and we’ll see.”

I’m like, you haven’t had a headache for a week and you have had them daily for your entire life, to me it’s a miracle.

Mary Sheppard: She’s just waiting for the other shoe to drop

Dr. Troy: Yeah. So, she’s like super skeptical.

I have another guy, Dan, same way, skeptical, came in, his back hurt, pain down his leg, numbness, they call is sciatica. He couldn’t walk, couldn’t golf. He hadn’t golfed in over a year because of the pain. Every visit, am I gonna get better? I worked with him for about 90 days, took his post x-ray and he’s like, “man, I don’t know what you did to me, you’re a miracle worker.” he’s golfing again, he has no pain.  He was a tough guy to get to follow through with his game plan and now he’s like, I am going to stick with this. He comes every couple of weeks to make sure he’s functioning at his best.

One more, I know we’re running short on time but I had a mom who brought her baby in a couple of weeks ago and I adjusted him. He had been constipated and the next day cleared it up. It’s been about three weeks, she brought him back in said he hasn’t gone in 5 days and so I did a little more intense adjusting with him and I told her, you better get that diaper ready.

Mary Sheppard: Laughing

Dr. Troy: And sure enough by the time she hit the front door for the car the little guy had taken care of business.

Mary Sheppard: S the nervous system, it controls so much of the body and you do the realigning and treatments there at Zenaptic Chiropractic, (360) 260-6903.

Dr. Troy: I have a book out, Take Charge of Your Health, that’s really our motto. When you look at the rhinos everybody is always like, why the rhinos because we want you taking charge, that’s what rhinos do.

Mary Sheppard: I get it.

Dr. Troy: I can send you a free copy so you can read up on what we do. I’m here to help and I appreciate being here in the studio and spreading the word.

Mary Sheppard: Always a great time to have you here Dr. Troy. That number again to reach Dr. Troy Dreiling at Zenaptic Chiropractic (360) 260-6903. It’s in Vancouver, 3021 NE 72nd Drive on the corner of 4th Plain and Andresen. Of course, check out the website too, you can learn a lot at Zenapticchiropractic.com

Leary of Chiropractic Care?

Below is an interview conducted 7/2/14 by Dr. Troy Dreiling with Dr. Troy and Val.

You’ll hear how chiropractic care has helped different people with various ailments. You will also learn how consistant training and technology advancements help to make Dr. Troy and his office the number one chiropractic office in Vancouver.

Listen while you follow along with the transcription below. Enjoy!

Audio Interview Part 1

Audio Interview Part 2

Audio Transcription

Are you leary of chiropractic care? Maybe you or a loved one has suffered through poor and ineffective chiropractic procedures. If you stay tuned with us for the next few minutes you will hear about an amazing and new pain relief technique and wellness care methods that make your grandpa’s back cracker experience a thing of the past.

Today’s health with Dr. Troy of Zenaptic Chiropractic in Vancouver Washington. Now here is my dad, Dr. Troy!

Hello everybody, this is a special edition of the absolute life radio show. Welcome, I am Dr. Troy Dreiling of Vancouver, Washington, Zenaptic Chiropractic health center and what you’re about to hear today may dramatically improve your health and the health of those you love and care for.

The services and procedures that we have been talking about or that we want to talk about today have already helped thousands of people in our local area improve their energy, improve their health, improve their function, their quality of life. It’s helped reduce their pain levels and actually we’ve seen many, many patients reduce their medication or eliminate the need for medications because the quality of their life and their function and their health has drastically improved.

So, if you’re experiencing any of these ailments it is very likely you need to come to our clinic to get checked. Things like headaches, neck pain, back pain, neuropathy, numbness or tingling, numbness in your arms, tingling in your legs, if you have been in a recent car accident, whiplash, MS patients, parkinson’s patients, even colic children, ear infections, knee and hip pain, disc problems. Just to name a few of the things we have seen amazing results with the techniques and procedures we’re going to be talking about today.

You’re going to learn marvelous solution, some would even say it’s too simple because it works so good. I recently shared with some of my patients what got me into this healing profession and really there were a couple of incidences where I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t use my shoulders, I had some really bad sinus situations and I went to a chiropractor early on in my life that totally changed the way my body functioned and felt and that’s what motivated me to do what I have been doing for the last 20 years.

Interview Begins

In the studio with us today I have a special guest, Val, Val thanks for coming to the studio.

Val: Hello and thank you for having me

Dr. Troy: I’m glad to have you here. You know it’s really cool to be practicing for the last 20 years really helping people get well and I know you have a story about chiropractic and how it’s helped you. So, I know there are people listening and that’s what we really want to do is reach out to people who might be in a similar situation that you were and reach them and let them know that there is hope. That the body can function better, the body has the power and the ability to heal and so before you were a chiropractic patient, what issues were you suffering from?

Val: Well, when I was about 15 years old I was in an accident where we were playing football and someone’s forehead ran into my nose and totally broke it. So bad that I had to have reconstructive surgery on it. Shortly after that happened I started getting these really intense migraines. I went to the doctor, my parents didn’t know what to do, it was so bad I couldn’t even function. I wasn’t able to do school and I wasn’t able to do any sports. So my parents took me to the doctor because that is the only option we thought we had and our insurance covered it so that’s where we went.

The doctor started with regiments of Imitrex, they started giving me shots, pretty much their answer was to fill me full of medicine and chemicals that would never really fix my problems they would just mask the symptoms that I was having at the time.

I would go for Imitrex shots and they would have to monitor me. They weren’t working, they were making them about 1,000 times worse and I was hospitalized a couple of times because of those shots. So my parents decided that we weren’t going to do this anymore and then the headaches started to decrease a lot and I started to function a little bit more.

I started to become a chiropractic patient right out of high school, pretty much when I started working for Dr. Troy. Once I started chiropractic care I noticed that my headaches slowly went away and slowly got better. They weren’t as intense and they weren’t debilitating. Once I started fixing my structure which was the main problem, you know when I had the head trauma my bones obviously shifted out of alignment and put stress and pressure on my brain stem as well as the nerves causing these symptoms.

Medical doctors don’t really look for those symptoms of why we are having these problems they just try and do what they can to fix the symptom. So, chiropractic has helped me tremendously to get rid of my migraines, I mean I don’t have them at all anymore!

Dr. Troy: That’s huge because I know there are a lot of people that suffer from migraines and with some of the new techniques we use in our office we see great results with those.

When you first came in do you; now I know that you told people that you work with us, you’ve worked with us for about 8 years now but I always like it when people that work in the office get adjusted because those tend to be the ones that get excited about chiropractic and spreading the word.

So, do you recall, 8 years ago or so, do you recall what we did to evaluate you for what was going on with you, do you recall that?

Val: I do. I filled out a health history with past history, current history, my current symptoms just to make sure they had a full scope of what was going on with me. Then Dr. Troy did and evaluation and then I had x-rays to see what was going on with my structure.

Dr. Troy: Right, do you remember your first adjustment because a lot of people are scared about getting adjusted.

I had a lady just recently that was like, oh, I read on Web MD and all these things. I adjusted her and she went, wow, that’s it? She was so fearful, you have to experience it you can’t really explain it.

Maybe if you could describe your first adjustment, how you felt, what you notice right away.

Val: For my first adjustment, quite honestly I was really nervous, my hands were clammy, I remember that! I remember everyone just telling me, “oh, the neck is the worst!” but when I finally just let myself relax and get adjusted I realized that the neck is actually the best.

I just felt so much relief. All this pressure had built up in my head and when I got adjusted I just felt like that was gone, it wasn’t there anymore.

Dr. Troy: Here you are 8 years later, if there are people listening and they were experiencing; it doesn’t have to be just migraines because even though we get great results with that, Headaches, numbness, tingling, back pain, if you were in a recent car accident, they’ve got somebody in their family that is suffering, what you would tell them?

Val: I would tell them to search your options, take charge of your health, don’t just do the one option that you think that you have. There are so many other things that you can do with chiropractic and with correcting the structure of your body. Your body is made to heal from the inside out not from the outside in. So, when we start looking from the inside to see where the symptoms are coming from your body is going to change dramatically.

Dr. Troy: I am sure there are people who are listening today and are wondering, how can I come in to get checked?

Our number if you want to call us right now is (877) 4 Dr Troy, if you don’t have one of those letter things on your keypad then it’s (877) 437-8769, the number is (877) 437-8769.

And remember, if you want to reduce the pain, boost your energy, increase the quality of your life, that’s the number to call (877)437-8769.

So, Val, in the office a lot of patients come to see us and you’re one of the first people they see. What would an average person expect when they come to our office? What are a couple of things they would expect to do so that we can evaluate fully, how can we help?

Val: Well, the first thing you can expect is a friendly staff for sure, a smiling face at the front desk that will greet you, Then we do a full history on you as far as your current conditions and symptoms as well as things that have happened to you in the past that could also be contributing to what is going on with you currently and then you will do a consultation and then you will do an exam with the doctor. From there we will take you for x-rays so again we can look at the structure and see what’s going on inside.

Dr. Troy: So they do that on their first visit and then typically what happens, They come back and then what?

Val: They come back and Dr. Troy will go over the x-rays with you and them go over a specific care plan with you based off of your condition and what’s best for you. Then we work it out financially to make it affordable for you.

Dr. Troy: Right, and then if people have insurance, no problem right?

Val: No problem. We work with all different insurances, we just get a copy of your card and check your benefit.

Dr. Troy: And we’ve got affordable plans if people don’t have insurance, because it’s about 50/50

Val: Correct.

Dr. Troy: One thing I want to talk about before we take a break here real quick is, we recently had a patient, let’s call her Patty, her medical doctor diagnosed her with torticollis which basically means twisted neck and I know you remember this one exactly Val

Val: Yes.

Dr. Troy: She had weakness, muscles spasms, do you remember the tremors she was getting?

Val: Yes

Dr. Troy: I don’t know if she told you this but she was getting botox injections every 90 days for the last 6 years. I asked her, how much is it? $5,000 a session for botox. She spent over $120,000 between her and her insurance company for botox over the last 6 years. Actually $20,000 out of pocket. I went, woah that’s a lot of money!

So, we just recently took her films. I know you help take films in the office, that’s one of the things people can expect. We went over this in a staff meeting, she had a 75% reduction in the misalignment in her neck, you could see it drastically on the x-ray.

She stopped getting the botox injections which I never told her to do but after she started getting adjusted the spasms went away, the tremors went away, She was amazed and she was petrified when she first came in.

It’s amazing results that we see and that’s really what we are after. So, if you want to reduce your headaches, back pain, numbness, tingling, we are just going to urge you to call (877) 437-8769.
It’s $47 for the chiropractic examination, the digital spinal graphic x-ray and a customized healing game plan for you.

Dr. Troy: What was one of the things you noticed Val with this patient when she started receiving specific adjustments to help take the pressure of the spine, the joints, the nerves, the muscles?

Val: Well, I week after she started her adjustments she came up to our front desk and was just so excited and so overjoyed that she has been seeing the results that she has been looking for for the past 5 years and she’s not even paying a quarter of the amount that she was paying before and she is getting results.

To see somebody’s eyes open up and to have their lives completely changed, that’s what I love most about being a part of chiropractic. Being a part of people realizing that there is another choice and there is another option and they can take charge of their health, that is why I love being a part of chiropractic. I love helping people change their life and realizing that there are other options and helping to open their eyes.

I feel like a lot of times they are only doing the choices that are presented to them at that time and not really looking into things and when they start researching and looking into things, their lives are changed.

Dr. Troy: It’s an experiential thing. When I am asked to be analytical or asked what is an adjustment, I always tell people you have to experience it. You know, it’s kind of like skydiving, you can look and go great there it is but until you do it you don’t really feel it, the thrill the exhilaration.

One of the biggest things I see, correct me if I am wrong but the biggest thing I see in patients after their first visit or two is that they sleep better.

Val: Yes!

Dr. Troy: That is the biggest thing. I had one the other day, a skeptical guy, I called him up and his wife said he was really skeptical, he really doesn’t like chiropractors for whatever reason. He can’t sleep, his arms were numb, he’s a 9 out of 10 on the pain level.

So, I adjusted him. I called him up the next day and he was amazed. He said the fog in his head and lifted and that he slept like a rock. He was really nice to me instead of being standoffish.

I want to talk about another testimonial here. This guy Chuck, he had random back pain you know off an on with work. He came in as a back patient to just stay functioning and healthy and we helped him with his back pain. He was doing pretty good but then he got rear ended.

He was sitting on the freeway, his foot on the break and got rear ended. It messed up his lower back pretty huge and it created leg pain. They did an MRI and they found disc involvement. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that is what’s causing his leg pain but they did find herniated discs and bulging discs in his spine.

He lifts manhole covers and climbs around in sewers. Now he had trouble with lifting and with movement, he had trouble walking, it was a pretty serious condition. We started working with him with a series of specific spinal adjustments. We just did his reevaluation and I know his x-rays changed but on the sheet, it says 90% improved from his injury. That was relatively within about 90 days.

Val: Yeah, I remember when he came in. He could barely even walk or move, he was having a hard time just getting into the office. Then in 90 days he’s walking and moving normally. I mean, I feel like we’ve corrected a lot of the problem instead of masking it with something else.

It’s crazy to see when people first come in and their injured to see what kind of state they are in. They are unable to walk, they’re unable to move, they’re unable to sleep. You know, even bowel function can be affected by that or you know lots of other conditions can come with a misalignment in your spine.

The main thing for Chuck is he was just having a hard time moving in general, then in 90 days you see these great results where he is able to move 90% better, he’s able to go back to work, he’s able to speak. He’s also not having to take any medication to do that and that is just a phenomenal thing because nowadays everybody is just turning to medication and masking the problems when you can get real, live results through chiropractic.

Dr. Troy: Yeah. You know the one thing is, is that it does take time. The medications, you can take them anywhere with you. With chiropractic, the challenge is that you have to show up and participate, it is a participation sport.

So let’s shift gears here. We have been on the radio for 10 years and there are people who have come in, they correct a problem and then they disappear and I always tell patients don’t forget me when you’re hurting. So, I want to talk to people who have been to a chiropractor before and I want to talk about why we are different.

You have been with us for 8 years and we have made a lot of changes, we do different things on how we operate and how we help people. Let’s talk about, from your perspective, why we’re different. We’ve seen a lot of people who have been to chiropractors and not that they are all bad but there is a uniqueness in what we do and what types of service we provide. So, let’s talk about that.

Val: I think that one of the main reason why we are different is because we are always training, we’re always advancing, we’re always looking for what we can do better to serve the community. The other difference is, in 8 years we have a doctor that I have never seen get tired, never seen get worn out, I’ve never seen him say I don’t want to be at work today. Not one day in my 8 years had I ever heard that or seen that or think that he didn’t want to be at work.

That is wonderful, he’s not worn out he not tired and the staff is continually advancing, we’re continually training. We go to seminars we train with people who have had successes and see what they are doing so that we can serve the community better.

Dr. Troy: Let’s talk about Jason because Jason he is a patient we haven’t seen in a couple of years and just recently came back to see us and I know you wanted to talk a little bit about him. Before we came on the show you were saying, this is what I want to say about him. What are some of the things you were mentioning before? He had gone away for a while because he felt like he got relief and then he came back. What was going on with him?

Val: Jason originally came in with neck pain and headaches and those symptoms stopped going away so he stopped coming in. He just recently came back last week or a few weeks ago but he had new symptoms.

He still had the headaches and the neck pain but now it has moved into his jaw, he was now having serious jaw pain. That was just saying that we didn’t have enough time to correct the original problem so it came back.

Dr. Troy: And here he is, he’s back in the office. Thank God he did come back because sometimes people don’t go back.

Val: Right

Dr. Troy: I always see people that think they are going to be pain-free if they go to a chiropractor. Well, the problem is, we get you functioning and feeling great but what if you fall off a ladder? An adjustment isn’t going to help you be pain-free if you injure yourself.

The whole goal with the adjustment is to get you functioning and feeling better. In a couple of visits, he said his jaw pain is gone. I told him he had to stay the course so we could get this thing under control and get this thing stable because if not it will come back again

Val, I want to talk about this because a lot of people say, well you know my grandfather used to go to a chiropractor I remember it when I was a little kid. I went to this orange, shaggy carpet, wood paneling office and I think it was my grandfather’s chiropractor. That was a long long time ago, over 30 years.

Let’s talk about some of the new procedures and care that we provide in our office. What are some of the new ways that we analyze?

Val: I think one of our best things is our direct digital x-rays. We take x-rays and we get them right away. Analyzing the structure is one of the most important things and we have quick technology that gets that to us right away.

Dr. Troy: So when we look at analyzing, we analyze the upper cervical spine even better. We have films that we take. A lot of people will come in and say, hey I’ve been to the doctor and they took x-rays. But, they are not looking for that specific misalignment.

I don’t know how many times I’ve done an exam and I asked if they were examined like that. They say no one ever touched them. Even some chiropractors never touch them or they do other things.

Our techniques, you know for years I’ve been training on this, more gentle techniques, more effective, I’m seeing more results. You know you talk about me not getting tired; that’s what gets me to the office I want to get some results. I want to get some new people in the office and I want to help them get results. That’s what drives me.

You know we do traction, we do neck traction which feels really good, we have a decompression table, we do hydromassage, we also have a massage in the office. So there are a lot of different things we can do.

Talk a little bit about some of the training you’ve seen me go to.

Val: Dr. Troy is trained specifically in upper cervical and since he has done that training I’ve seen a vast improvement in patients a lot quicker with the upper cervical just taking pressure off of that brainstem so your body can heal and function at 100%.

Dr. Troy also does other training with multiple doctors on specific things, like how to exam a patient properly, how to palpate, make sure you’re feeling the right things. He’s always coming back with new things from each seminar saying, “okay I learned this!”

The cool thing is, he also taught the staff these things. We might not be doing an exam but he helps us understand when he is doing an exam what he is looking for and why he looking for that. So, our staff also had the same knowledge and training as Dr. Troy.

Dr. Troy: Lot’s of training, we see lot’s of training in our office which is good. We bring some people ion to help us. The goal is to help the patients achieve their goals, that’s really what it’s been all about for the last 20 years.

Val, I want to thank you for being on the show today, I know you had some fun.

Val: Yes! Thanks for having me.

Dr. Troy: I appreciate you sharing your story and sharing stories of other people and helping them.

In closing, if you want to reduce your headaches, back pain, numbness, tingling, we are here to help. Just call (877) 437-8769.

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