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Dr. Troy Dreiling has been in practice for over 25 years. He was born in Portland, Oregon in 1969 and moved to Vancouver when he was five years old attending school there through the twelfth grade.

He went on to attend Eastern Washington University where he was studying to become a physical therapist. It wasn’t until suffering an injury from working out, that he discovered chiropractic healing.

He then went on to Clark College to finish up his pre-requisites and then went through four years of chiropractic school. After graduating, he moved back to Vancouver and opened his first office in 1994 right near the Vancouver mall. After 22 years, he has seen over 20,000 new patients and adjusted over a half million people. He has seen countless cases of auto accidents, children’s health issues, geriatric issues, midlife people and people who are extremely busy get better and helped by the methods that he uses in his clinic.


About Vancouver Disc Center/ Zenaptic Chiropractic

His clinic, Vancouver Disc Center, emerged from Zenaptic Chiropractic, and sees anywhere from five huundred to a thousand or more patients a month. The average cost to see a chiropractor can vary tremendously depending on what needs to be done. Many people have insurance and they have an out-of-pocket expense; co-payments range anywhere from fifteen to one hundred dollars.

Therefore, one of the things that his clinic tries to do is make care affordable. They try to work with any budget and customize a plan that is affordable for patients on a monthly or weekly basis addressing their health care needs.

They do not look at what they do from a “one size fits all” perspective. At Vancouver Disc Center / Zenaptic Chiropractic, they try to customize and work out a plan that’s right for people’s schedules, budget, and time commitment. Dr. Troy recognizes that everybody is unique and they do their best to serve everyone’s individual needs.

Community Involvement

Over the last 22 years, he has worked with many different community groups, one of them being the YMCA. His practice has helped the YMCA with fundraisers by bringing in health speakers. They have also worked with various churches around the community to bring health and healing messages to them.

Aside from the community service, Dr. Troy currently works with local radio stations and has worked with TV stations to help build awareness for natural healing. He has donated thousands of dollars to local charities, food banks and different groups that help support kids, youth, battered women and even worked with the Mount Hood Ski Patrol.

Dr. Troy has also done hundreds of speaking engagements both inside and outside the office. He has brought in people from the Olympic caliber, athletes and wrestling, judo, volleyball and different various sports to help spread the message of health and healing to the community.

Patient Care

Patients could work with Dr. Troy for a few weeks up to several months, depending on the severity of the condition. “Car accidents causing acute problems are going to take more time to resolve and correct versus somebody who may be a little sore from working in the garden,” says Dr. Troy. “People feeling minor tightness and stiffness tend to resolve a lot quicker than somebody who’s had more of a severe traumatic experience.”

The most  common ailments treated by Dr. Troy and his team are spinal issues. These includes neck pain, mid-back, and low back pain, as well as hip and knee pain. They have helped with foot pain, shoulder discomfort, numbness and tingling in the hands, and numbness and tingling in the legs – also known as sciatic pain. Other common ailments cared for include frozen shoulder, headaches, energy and fatigue issues, and even depression.

They have helped children with bedwetting issues, people with asthma, allergies, digestive complaints, heartburn, acid reflux, indigestion, constipation, irritable bowel, high blood pressure, thyroid and cholesterol issues. They have had great success helping people resolve all of these things through natural means.

Advantages of Chiropractic Care

Dr. Dreiling believes there are many advantages to chiropractic care. One main advantage being that chiropractic care does not involve taking anything out of the body or putting anything back into the body. 

They do not remove organs or useless parts, they do not medicate or try to force the body through chemistry.

What chiropractic does is remove the interferences or blockage to the body’s ability to function. That is the difference between the traditional allopathic approach which is to diagnose and treat versus chiropractic, which is to find the cause of the problem.

He believes that if you can eliminate or reduce the cause, then the body has an innate ability to heal itself and function to its maximum like it was designed to when you were born.

Favorite Part Of Being A Chiropractor

Dr. Troy loves working with patients who have a sense of humor. He knows that these people are in pain and aside from making them feel better physically, he enjoys making them feel better mentally and emotionally.

He loves to see the true person come out, enjoys to see people have fun and be energetic and have a good time. He really likes working with those patients and laughing with them.

His favorite part of the job is getting results and seeing people get better. When people tell him that he has changed their life or that he is a miracle worker, he could not be happier. He has a deep appreciation for chiropractic work. In his words “Laying your hand on somebody, releasing the life force and having their body change for the better” is what it is all about.

His least favorite part of the job is patients not wanting to comply with showing up and getting results. Dr. Troy believes that if he hadn’t become a chiropractor he would probably be driving a truck somewhere. He thanks God for chiropractic.

Advice For Future Chiropractors

His advice for students thinking about becoming a chiropractor is to really study the philosophy of chiropractic. Study the old timers and the miracles that chiropractic can produce because some of the history and philosophy has gotten lost with the modern education system.

Some of the old school techniques and approaches aren’t taught anymore and they are dying by the wayside. As long as he is in practice, Dr. Troy is going to continue to teach and explain how the body functions and heals itself no matter what. No matter what the colleges are teaching, chiropractic is chiropractic.

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